SciBac Announces Strain Development Project with Novozymes

San Francisco, CA, July 18, 2017- SciBac, the company that creates biotherapeutics to prevent and treat antibiotic resistant diseases, announces the start of its partnering program through its flagship microbial strain development project with Novozymes.

SciBac will use its DRIVE (Directed Recombination by In Vitro Evolution) technology platform to develop non-GMO hybrid microorganisms for the purpose of creating a cost-efficient expression of enzymes for Novozymes.

“Strain development is complex, expensive and labor-intensive, but our patented DRIVE technology accelerates the process – it’s twenty times faster than traditional genetic engineering,” said Jeanette Mucha, CEO of SciBac. “The strains created from our platform are also more versatile because they’re non-GMO. As a result, leading companies in bioinnovation – such as Novozymes – are starting to take advantage of our technology to drive development at lower costs,” added Mucha.    

Industrial microbiology is a rapidly expanding field and SciBac’s DRIVE platform revolutionizes microbial strain development. DRIVE harnesses and directs a natural evolutionary process, creating strains that are stable, safe, and non-GMO. The platform can transfer up to 20 phenotypes from one microbe to another in just two weeks.

DRIVE provides a wide range of industrial improvement possibilities from inserting new metabolic pathways, to more efficient production, to changing growth conditions. For example, SciBac created a sporulating Lactobacillus. Spores are the microbial equivalent of seeds and greatly increase acid tolerance in the stomach. This allows for both increased survival into the gut and an extended shelf life of the product.

“We are excited about this project and future industrial microbiology application possibilities created by SciBac’s DRIVE technology,” said Audrey Diano, Group leader at Novozymes.

About SciBac
Founded in 2015, SciBac developed its DRIVE platform technology in a Silicon Valley garage. It uses DRIVE to create biotherapeutics that treat antibiotic resistant disease while fortifying the microbiome. SciBac’s biotherapeutics consist of hybrid microorganisms that are designed to have all the best traits to target a specific disease through multiple modes of action and enhance the microbiome for faster recovery and reduced risk of reinfections. For more information, visit

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