SciBac's first live biotherapeutic, DiffiKil, targets Clostridium difficile. Known as deadly diarrhea, it is typically a secondary infection in the colon after antibiotics are given for an unrelated primary infection. DiffiKil is the only C. difficile treatment that targets all aspects of the disease. It prevents an infection by maintaining one's healthy gut bacteria and preventing C. difficile from colonizing the gut during a course of antibiotics. DiffiKil defeats an existing infection by killing C. difficile, stopping its colonization of the colon, and neutralizing its toxins. It also prevents C. difficile from creating spores, dramatically reducing the risk of recurrence and the spread of the disease.



Aeruguard is a single-strain inhaled biotherapeutic that treats Pseudomonas aeruginosa and breaks down mucus in Cystic Fibrosis patients. Consisting of a live Lactobacillus hybrid, it is designed specifically to kill Pseudomonas and reduce the viscosity and volume of mucus. Aeruguard also down-regulates the inflammatory immune response created by the Pseudomonas pathogen and reduces scarring in the lungs. 

SciBac is expanding its pipeline by developing biotherapeutics for other antibiotic resistant diseases.