SciBac creates rEvolutionary live biotherapeutics that treat antibiotic resistant disease while fortifying the microbiome. We improve beneficial microorganisms using our patented MERGE (Microbial Enhanced Recombinants Generated by Evolution) platform technology that can quickly, naturally, and safely transfer useful genetic traits. The resulting microorganisms have all the best traits to target a specific disease through multiple modes of action and enhance the microbiome for faster recovery and reduced risk of reinfections. By focusing on developing therapies for antibiotic resistant diseases, SciBac fills a rapidly increasing medical need.

MERGE platform for strain improvement works by harnessing and directing a natural evolutionary process. Roughly twenty times faster than traditional genetic engineering, MERGE can transfer twenty phenotypes from one microbe to another in less than two weeks. Strains created with MERGE are stable, safe, and non-GMO.

SciBac’s first product targets the nation’s biggest antibiotic resistant threat, Clostridium difficile infection. Our microorganism strains out compete C. difficile by stopping colonization, neutralizing toxins, and directly killing the C. difficile organism. Unlike antibiotics, our product only targets C. difficile, allowing the rest of a patient’s microbiome to thrive, speeding up patient recovery and lowering the risk of recurrence.

Watch our short pitch from Breakout Lab's Fall 2017 Unboxing day:


For a brief explanation of how our live biotherapeutics are able to be so effective watch this short video on the human microbiome: